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September 1, 2020
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For The Love Of Jewelry

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Jewelry can be elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, sassy, and unique. Surprisingly, jewelry is not always chosen because of price. A beautiful, playful piece of costume jewelry may be as enjoyed as a sophisticated, elegant piece of designer jewelry. However, choosing the right piece of jewelry for the right occasion is usually a task that determines the usefulness and appreciation of that particular jewelry piece. For example, a bridal ring as a gift on the first date will definitely have a different meaning than giving a set of Mardi Gras bead necklaces to that same first date. Depending on the occasion, the giving of jewelry can also have a different meaning.

Purchasing an appropriate piece of jewelry is a task best undertaken by those that have a love of shopping and a love of jewelry. Depending on the purpose of the proposed jewelry piece, you may choose to shop at a department store, a retail store, or a specialty shop. All of these establishments have their advantages with the major difference being the target audience reached.

Department stores tend to target a medium to high spending demographic. Macys is going to be a lot more expensive than say JC Penney's. A regular retail shop is going to be on the low-end to medium-end of the jewelry fashion and price range. A store like Wal-Mart is going to offer a wide range of jewelry that can range from cheap costume jewelry to some medium grades of diamonds and gold. Specialty stores can be the 'creme de la creme' of the jewelry world. Depending on the quality of the specialty store, the jewelry will range in individual piece quality and price. Wherever you choose to purchase your jewelry, use caution and shop around. Remember the saying "all that glitters is not gold". Just because a specialty shop has a pretty storefront does not mean it has higher quality merchandise than other jewelry shops.

Choosing the right piece of jewelry to wear is best decided on an occasion to occasion basis. Wearing that expensive diamond and emerald necklace to the beach is probably not a good idea. Maybe a better idea is to wear that gaudy, shell beach necklace you got at the discount store. Using the same logic, wearing a gaudy, brightly colored piece of costume jewelry with your formal attire for that special occasion is not as well taken as wearing that simply elegant pearl necklace. Depending on the occasion, jewelry will take on different elements of appropriateness.

There are many types, styles and colors of jewelry to meet just about any occasion. They range from man made stones and gems used in the creation of special pieces to natural gems, stones and metals taken from the ground. There are also people that believe in superstitions that follow many jewelry items such as charm bracelets. Some people are allergic to certain types of jewelry components and must take measures to ensure that they do not have allergic reactions. One of the most common reactions is to jewelry that contains nickel.

Men have lost their lives in search of precious jewels and many more have spent a wage packet or two on one special jewelry piece for a loved one. One thing for certain is that our love affair with jewelry remains as strong as ever. Next time you think of buying a piece of jewelry, just spare a thought for the effort that has gone into making such a fine piece. You may also find that saying the right words, at the right time are received just as warmly and will cost you a lot less.


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