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July 31, 2020
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Choosing The Right Diamond And Sapphire Rings

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When you have decided to ask that special someone to marry you traditionally a proposal would be made on bended knee in a romantic location.
Perhaps over dinner in a high class restaurant or on some remote sandy beach while on holiday

Choosing the right engagement ring is obviously crucial. Diamond and sapphire rings are beautiful and are normally the ring of choice for an engagement.
If you are planning a surprise proposal then try to do as much homework as possible on what types of styles and designs of diamond rings your intended prefers without giving the game away.

Probably the best people to ask are her friends who will hopefully have some idea, or casually drop what types of jewelry she likes into conversation when possible.It is also very important to take into account simple basics like whether or not she has small or large hands or if she suffers from sensitive skin that will be irritated by certain metals used in the band of the diamond ring.

If your future bride does have sensitive skin then it is probably best to go for diamond and sapphire rings made from platinum as this metal even when alloyed is very hypoallergenic and should not cause any discomfort when it is being worn.

When looking at diamond and sapphire rings it is very easy in amongst all the excitement to get carried away with your emotions and end up breaking your budget and buying the biggest diamond in the shop.
It may sound silly to say that any woman would not want an enormous diamond to show off on her finger but the practicalities are that for everyday wear a huge diamond ring will soon become annoying and frustrating whilst doing every day simple tasks.

Furthermore if your future bride does have small hands then you must take into account that most women today wear both their diamond engagement rings on the same finger as their wedding band which of course will be uncomfortable if not impossible if the engagement ring is too big.
Although not nearly as romantic as a surprise proposal you can play it safe and suggest you both shop together to look for diamond and sapphire rings for the engagement.

The facts of today's societies often drive a couple to become married for other reasons than just their love for one another, it may be that you have been together for so long that you feel it is about time you tied the knot or you already have children or that you simply know choosing a diamond engagement ring together would be the best option in order to make sure your partner is completely happy.

After all which ever choice you make diamond and sapphire rings are a symbol of eternal love, commitment and fidelity and will be worn for many years to come, so with this in mind it is essential the person wearing the ring is both comfortable and happy.


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