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Whether you're a man looking to find the perfect ring to propose or a woman treating yourself to a right hand ring or a fabulous pair of earrings, it's important to gain a little knowledge about diamonds before making a purchase. These beautiful stones can add fire and brilliance to your life as long as you know what to look for when buying them.

25 Mar 20

Let's face it. Not everyone can afford to pay out three entire months worth of paychecks for the purchase of an engagement ring. But, just because you need a cheap engagement ring to proclaim your commitment to your special someone, doesn't mean you or the ring are "cheap." You can find lots of high quality, beautiful rings that still fall in the inexpensive engagement ring.

09 Apr 20

Ah, graduation. A lot of hard work, time, talent, money and drive have led to this point: a milestone that will be celebrated, photographed and remembered forever. Whether from high school, college, law school, medical school, or what have you, graduation is a wonderful time of excitement and change. How to mark the occasion? You can always write a check.

15 Apr 20

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09 Jul 20
If you want a stylish and elegant accessory for any outfit, then you can't pass up pearls. They're beautiful and glow with their own luster, and as they're reasonably neutral in color they can be worn with almost anything. Unlike most other gems, pearls are very soft, so you need to handle them with care and clean them on a regular basis.
31 Jul 20
When you have decided to ask that special someone to marry you traditionally a proposal would be made on bended knee in a romantic location.Perhaps over dinner in a high class restaurant or on some remote sandy beach while on holidayChoosing the right engagement ring is obviously crucial. Diamond and sapphire rings are beautiful and are normally the ring of choice for an engagement.
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25 Jul 20
Encountering situations where it is hard to see certain things or read text clearly because such items were either blurry or too small comes as no surprise. This is especially true as age begins catching up with us. It is during such times that you definitely want to have a magnifying glass at your disposal while also having adequate light to see by.
10 Aug 20
People are excited about wearing sterling silver charm bracelets. The authentic sterling is made of 92.5% pure silver. Having them in your sterling silver jewelry collection is a sensible idea. Fashion statement can be nicely accentuated with a bracelet of charms.A charm bracelet is worn on your wrist. Each bracelet is graced with charms, which have a variety of designs, shapes, style and color.
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